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Buy your tickets on the bus!

You can buy your ticket when you board the bus the first time. Cash or credit cards accepted.

Buy Your Ticket Directly On The Bus!

Our bus staff accept JPY-cash and VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay!


Free Wifi on Bus

Have a voucher? Bring the voucher to the bus and exchange for your tickets!

Where To Buy Osaka City Pass

You can buy the ticket directly on the bus.
Japanese yen or credit cards are accepeted (Visa, Master Card, Union Pay)

If you would like to buy in advance please visit one of the following locations:


Travel Agencies

  • HIS
  • JTB
  • Nihon Travel Agency
  • Kinki Nihon Tourist
  • Hankyu Travel
  • and more..

Tourist information*

  • Kanku Machidokoro
  • Rinku Machidokoro
  • Tourist Information Osaka
  • Tourist Information Namba
  • Osaka Tourist Information Center
  • Kyoto Tourist Information Center
    *See full details below

Tourist Information Center Kanku Machidokoro

Tourist Information Center
Kanku Machidokoro
Kansai International Airport
Inside terminal 2
TEL 050-3502-7628
Open 06:30~23:00 (All year)

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Tourist Hub Rinku Machidokoro

Tourist Hub Rinku Machidokoro
Inside Rinku Papillio
(In front of Rinku Town station ticket gates)
TEL 072-474-2056
Open 8:00~23:00 (All year)
※Dec 31 & Jan 1 open 10:00~18:00
(Subject to change on some days of the year)

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Tourist Information
OSAKA Station

Tourist Information Osaka
JR Osaka Station 1F
Inside Concourse Travel Service Center
Open 7:00~23:00
(Tickets available 8:00~22:00)

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Kyoto Tourist
Information Center

Kyoto Tourist Information Center
Tsujikura Bldg.3F, Komeyacho380, Nakagyo, Kyoto
(1 min walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station)
TEL 075-253-0288
9:00~18:00. Closed around New Year.

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Tourist Information

Tourist Information Namba
Inside Information Center Namba
Subway and Nankai Railway Namba station 1F
Open 9:00~20:00. Closed on Jan 1.

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