Osaka Wonder Loop


Hop-on Hop-off all around Osaka city with Wonder Loop bus!

Please Note

Due to driver break time there is an extened stop at No. 4 Hotel New Otani.This stop is near Osaka Castle Park and Osaka-Jo Terrace (cafe and restaurants).

Open top bus information

On 2018.04.23-24 the open top bus will be replaced by a closed top bus due to minor repair. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bus schedule from March 1, 2018

Osaka Wonder Loop schedule

Wonder Loop bus stops

Blue indicates stops near Wonder Cruise boarding locations.

1. JR Osaka Station
Umeda, the north outpost of central Osaka. A bustling transportation hub where many of the major train lines can be accessed. Show location on Google Maps

2. Kitashinchi Yuki
Kitashinchi, one of the entertainment districts in Osaka is just across the street from this bus stop. From here you can walk to Wonder Cruise boarding point (B) at restaurant complex Love Central. Keep walking in the direction of the bus, take the first left, and the boarding point will be just before the next traffic bridge (you will pass a pedestrian bridge first). Show bus stop location on Google Maps Show cruise stop location on Google Maps

3. Temmabashi Hachikenyahama Keihan City Mall
Temmabashi Hachikenyahama Keihan City Mall. This stop is also a Wonder Cruise boarding location. Keihan City Mall is a smaller size shopping center and a perfect place to take a break and enjoy a meal by the river. Also, access to Keihan Railway Kyoto line as well as the Osaka City subway and bus networks makes this a very convenient stop. If you enjoy taking a stroll along the river this is a great starting point. Show bus stop location on Google Maps Show cruise stop location on Google Maps

4. Hotel New Otani
5. Osaka Castle Park
Osaka Castle Park, or in Osaka-Jo Koen in Japanese. Show location on Google Maps

6. Matsuyamachi Toshu
Matsuyamachi Toshu. Osaka’s samurai street! Here you will find samurai armors and old traditional Japanese shops with classic style dolls and mom-and-pop candy stores. A stroll along the streets in this neighborhood will reveal a look into the old merchant Osaka. Show on Google Maps

7. Shinsaibashi Daimaru
Shinsaibashi is where you find deparment stores, restaurants, Dotonbori with the famous crab sign and the Glico running man neon sign. Show on Google Maps

8. Namba Parks
Shop, dine and relax at the beautiful and lush Namba Parks shopping mall. Within minutes of Namba subway station and Nankai Namba railway station, this shopping mall is the southern outpost of central Osaka. Show location on Google Maps
9. Shinsekai Kushikatsu Daruma
Try the excellent Kushikatsu-Daruma and visit Tsutenkaku, the classic tower with a beautiful view of southern Osaka. Show location on Google Maps

10. Abeno Q's Mall
Shop at Q’s mall and take in the breathtaking view from atop Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan with its 300 meter (984 ft) height. Show location on Google Maps

11. Shitennoji Temple
At Shitennoji, you can find one of the oldest temples in Japan. Known as one of the first Buddhist temples in the country, it was built some 1,400 years ago. A part of Osaka’s oldest history. Show location on Google Maps
12. Nipponbashi Joshin Denki
Nipponbashi! Den-Den Town! Heaven for anyone looking for electronics in any way imaginable. Cameras, household appliances, computer and electronic parts, if you are looking for something there is a good chance you can find it here! Show location on Google Maps

13. Dotonbori Teppan-Jinjya
Dotonbori, the heart of southern central Osaka. This is where you can shop, dine and have fun any time of the day. Get on the Osaka Wonder Cruise and cruise by the Glico man on the river and in style! This bus stop is only 2-3 minutes walk from Wonder Cruise dock (A) Dotonbori 2. Show bus stop location on Google Maps Show cruise stop location on Google Maps

14. Sakaisuji-Honmachi
Sakaisuji-Honmachi. This bus stop is right in front of Maruya Tax Free shop. Take the chance for a one-stop-all-shop where staff are experienced and multilingual. Sakaisuji was long ago the main street in Osaka and it still is one of the locations where you find lots of shops and places to eat & relax. Show on Google Maps