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What is Osaka City Pass?

Osaka City Pass is a ticket set that includes:

-Osaka Wonder Loop Bus
-Osaka Wonder Cruise river boat
-Osaka Metro(subway), Osaka City Bus and Osaka New Tram

You can ride the bus and subway as much as you like during the time the pass is valid and the services are running.
The Osaka Wonder Cruise pass is for one ride.

You can also choose to buy a ticket which only includes the Wonder Loop bus.

Where are the Wonder Loop bus stops located?

The bus stops are located in 14 convenient places around Osaka City. See a complete map here.

1. Hotel New Otani Osaka
2. Osaka Castle Park
3. Matsuyamachi
4. Shinsaibashi 
5. Namba Parks
6. Shinsekai Kushikatsu-Daruma
7. Abeno Q,s MALL
8. Shitennoiji
9. Nippombashi Joshin-Denki
10. Dotonbori Teppan-jinjya
11. Sakaisuji-Honmachi
12. JR Osaka Station
13. Kitashinchi Yuki
14. Temmabashi Hachikenyahama Keihan City Mall

Where are the Wonder Cruise river stops located?


There are four Wonder Cruise river stops along the rivers of Osaka:

A. Dotonbori 2 (Near bus stop 10)

C. Temmabashi Hachikenyahama (At bus stop 14)

All three stops are located close to either Wonder Loop bus stops or Osaka subway stations.
More details on the Wonder Cruise page here.

The river cruise stops are also indicated on the Osaka Wonder Loop bus map.


What trains can I use with the pass?

If you choose the Osaka City Pass including the Osaka public transport option, your pass is valid on the Osaka city subway, New Tram, and Osaka city bus network.
See the subway and New Tram map here.

Where do I buy the Osaka City Pass?


You can buy the pass when boarding the Wonder Loop bus or through many online travel agencies. 


Is the ticket for consecutive days?

Yes, once you get on the bus the first time and your ticket is activated by the staff, it is valid for 24 or 48 hours.

The subway ticket is valid for one or two calendar days.

If you have the two day subway pass you can use the ticket on any two days before the expiry date (usually April 30), it does not have to be consecutive days.

The subway and Osaka Wonder Loop Bus tickets are two separate physical tickets that can be used independently. 

How many round trips do the bus make every day?


There are 7 rounds everyday.
More details on the bus page here.


Is there a children's fare?


Children under age 0-5 travel for free. Limited to one child per paying passenger.
Children age 6-11 travel on children tickets about half the price of adult tickets. Children tickets are available for purchase on the bus.


Can I bring a baby stroller on the bus or boat?

Yes, there is space on the bus (trunk) and on the boat for a baby stroller.

Can I board with a wheel chair?

While the bus has trunk storage space for a regular size wheelchair, any passenger would still have to climb the 3-4 steps into the cabin by themselves or with the assistance of other passengers.

For safety reasons we do not encourage wheelchairs on the boat cruise. The reason is difficulties in boarding due to the difference in level between the boat and the dock. If passengers themselves can handle the level difference between boat and dock, then there is space to store a normal size/weight wheel chair on the boat. Motorized, large and heavy type wheel chairs can unfortunately not board the boat due to above differences in level and due to the boat's realtively small size.

What language do the bus concierge speak?

All speak English and some also Korean and/or Chinese.

Are the buses air conditioned in summer and heated in winter?

One bus is open top with a retractable roof. The other bus is a closed top with A/C and heater.

On the open top bus every passenger receive a paper fan and there is cold bottled water available for purchase. During the winter pocket warmers and coats are available to borrow.

Can I bring my luggage on board?

On the bus we can store one piece of luggage per person either in the cabin or in the trunk storage. If you can, we recommend having as little luggage as possible.

Is the cruise also hop-on, hop-off?

From April 1, 2018 the cruise is one ride per ticket.

We strongly recommend customers to reserve their seat on the cruise well ahead of the expected travel date. The cruise is very popular and seats fill up quickly. Reservations have priority boarding. Please visit the cruise page for details.

What happens if the bus or boat is full?

In that case you would have to wait for the next bus or boat. For the cruise boat, we recommend that you reserve your seats well ahead of your planned day of travel. Reservations can be done from the Wonder Cruise page

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